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Citrus Chipotle Dressing

I have the hardest time using things straight out of the bottle or package. The second I try a new product, I start thinking of different ways to use it. Not that the original intention isn’t great, I just can’t stop myself from coming up with lots of different uses. That’s what happened today. I was fixing Roy and I a simple salad for lunch. I had a sample bottle of Cuisine Perel’s Blood Orange Vinaigrette open. I love this light dressing on baby greens but I wanted something with a little more zing to it. Then it hit me! I love Chipotle & Lime Mustard from California Harvest. Wow! What a dynamite combination; sweet, hot, and tart. I added some leftover strips of grilled chicken and we had a great lunch.

For my Citrus Chipotle Dressing, simply whisk together 1/4 cup of Blood Orange Vinaigrette with 1 – 2 teaspoons Chipotle & Lime Mustard. Drizzle over baby greens or European Salad Mix (you know the kind that are in the cello bags).